From VICE: ‘The Mexican Mormon War’


VICE takes a hipster, counter-culture view on things, but this is an interesting and raw video piece on the Mormons who fled to Northern Mexico mostly in the 1880’s, the colonies they settled there mostly for reasons of polygamy, and are now defending against increasing drug violence and ruthless narco-traffickers.   It’s a glimpse of life inside Mexico, the Mexican Federal government’s role in patrolling a main drug highway into America, the poverty and danger, rational incentives and endemic police corruption over the border.  American laws, public policy and money have a lot to do with what goes on in Mexico.

The drug gangs are pretty much ruthless.  Gun prohibition in Mexico prevents the Mormons from protecting themselves (so the criminals have all the guns), but they have found ways around that.

Addition: What, if any, moral obligation does America have to Mexico to help it get its house, economy, police force and federal government out of the depths of corruption and weakness now that there’s new leadership?  Will a wall work?  Do we listen to the border state Republicanism guest program paths to citizenship?

What’s politically possible with the current administration in office, and the California style movement of the Democratic party towards another amnesty and the DREAM act?

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