From CATO@Liberty: ‘The Obama Administration’s Health Care Taxes: An Update’

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It’s still not clear which states are going to set up the insurance exchanges, and which will not, and how the government will respond.

‘There have been several developments with respect to the Obama administration’s attempt to impose the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s employer-mandate penalties and individual-mandate penalties where it has no authority to do so.’

I still think it’s entirely reasonable to say that some people have wanted such a law for years, and they cobbled something together and passed it in haste as Obamacare, with no one, not even the authors knowing entirely what’s in it and what it means for people, employers, hospitals and government employees.

I still think the goal is to get to single-payer.  Health-care is too important to be left to the market will be the refrain, with many still arguing that it’s a right, and rights need to be secured by government.

Addition:  What is the role for government in health-care?

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