From Joel Kotkin: ‘The Cities Winning The Battle For The Fastest Growing High-Wage Sector In The U.S.’

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Where will the new jobs be?:

‘Once considered the natural domain of megacities and dense urban cores, high-wage business service jobs, largely due to technology, can increasingly be done anywhere. This suggests that the playing field for such positions, rather than concentrating, will become ever wider. As the struggle for good jobs intensifies in the years ahead, expect the competition between regions to get even greater.’

It will be interesting to watch the process unfold.

It used to be that steel, oil, and auto manufacturing scions and families had big money, big social influence and big political ambitions.

There are increasing examples of how we’ve already changed:  The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation fusion of data driven global health initiatives and charitable works, Chris Hughes, formerly of Facebook buying the center-left New Republic magazine, Paypal’s Peter Thiel’s foundation designed to slow down the college treadmill and speed up entrepreneurship.

If you have a few minutes, it might be worth checking out Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappo’s online, putting $350 million of his own money into downtown Las Vegas to change the city.  From his original company LinkExchange which he sold, to Zappo’s customer focused business model, to Las Vegas itself, Hsieh is after scalability of interaction.  He wants to create a live/work environment that puts people densely enough to continue urban growth and human interaction.

It’s ambitious:


Er, Curt Schilling’s 38 studios video game start-up is an example of what not to do.

Here’s Kotkin’s book, ‘The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050.

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  1. My experince lately has been an eye-opener. At least three different insurance companies I have contacts with have mid-level management positions, in claims and fraud management, working from their homes with 2 days a month in formal office. Full benefits, auto, etc. Very interesting!!

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