From Forbes: ‘Is It Time To Let The City Of Detroit Go Bankrupt?’

Full piece here.

Micheline Maynard has a good roundup at the link.  It’s not looking good for the Motor City:

‘Legally, Chapter 9 would put the city into uncharted territory. Detroit would be the largest American city to seek bankruptcy, although it has happened in Harrisburg, Pa., and Orange County, Calif. The state legislature and Republican Gov. Rick Snyder have been discussing ways it can be avoided.’

New York City in the 1970’s was too big to fail, had friends in Congress, and other revenue streams coming in.  It came really close.

An interesting post on municipal bond defaults.

Harrisburg, Pa has already declared bankruptcy, but had the incinerator and Wild West Museum boondoggles: Update And Repost: From Reason Via Youtube: ‘Is Harrisburg’s Nightmare America’s Future?’

Maybe at some shadowy date in the future, we’ll be talking about Silicon Valley this way…maybe that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

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GM is not a municipality, but good money got put in, probably after bad and it reeks of politics: From The Detroit News: ‘How The Treasury, GM Stock Deal Got Done’

Walter Russell Mead takes a look at the blue model (the old progressive model) from the ground up in NYC to argue that it’s simply not working.  Check out his series at The American Interest.

From Reason: ‘Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey’

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