Obamacare Checkup-Peter Suderman At Reason

Full piece here.

‘ObamaCare gives small employers with healthy workforces an incentive to jump ship and insure themselves.’


‘The larger thread here, though, is that we’re once again seeing that ObamaCare’s design is pretty clunky, at best. From a purely practical perspective, the law looks like a mess.’

Now that it’s passed, we’re finding out what’s in it.

See Also: Another Day, Another Crack In Obamacare.

Or you can just go to Obamacare.com and get all the facts from one place, and not have to think outside the box.

Addition:  At Reason is a telling graph indicating that Obama is just the next in a long line of Presidents who’ve increased spending.  Slowly, our government’s been growing for generations (we’re all guilty in believing in the “greatness” model) and our political class is following the incentives we’ve created.

Glenn Reynolds talks about this here, quite reasonably.  What kind of landing, or readjustment, are we going to have?

Another Addition.  Via Alexandria, a well-researched article at Time on health-care costs.  Why is everything so expensive?

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