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‘The ongoing success story in Mexico is one of the most important that the American press has missed in the last few years. We keep seeing Mexico as nothing but trouble—drug cartels, illegal immigration—when in fact a new reality is taking shape.’

Well, there appear to be some good things going on.  They have grown some of their own manufacturers into global competitors.  Here’s a list of Mexican companies.  Here’s a paper on NAFTA And The Mexican Economy (income disparities and all).


‘Mexico still has huge governance problems to fix, but what’s interesting is that, after 15 years of political paralysis, Mexico’s three major political parties have just signed “a grand bargain,” a k a “Pact for Mexico,” under the new president, Enrique Peña Nieto, to work together to fight the big energy, telecom and teacher monopolies that have held Mexico back.’

Despite the old, Spanish-style, paternal and formerly authoritarian government, the PRI’s long one party-rule (back after a 12 year absence, having ruled for 70 years prior), Mexico will need the support of pluralities and majorities of the Mexican people.  As most Americans are aware, there’s much police corruption, many drug and ‘security’ problems, a less than effective education system, and deep poverty which includes some tribes who don’t even speak Spanish.  Many entrenched and ideological interests support a heavily regulated private sector.

Anyone’s who’s been to Mexico, though, sees a more complicated picture and knows Mexico has real promise.

From President Nieto’s speech.

“We are a nation that is going at two different speeds. There’s a Mexico of progress and development. But there’s another, too, that lives in the past and in poverty,” he said during his inaugural address at the National Palace in Mexico City.”

Here’s to hoping for some reform and the growth of freer Mexican industry and more economic opportunity for average Mexicans.   This would be a good thing.

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