More On Iran-Adam Garfinkle At The American Interest-‘Things Get Worse’

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Garfinkle points to this NY Times piece, which alleges the Chinese have been supplying the Iranians with weapons, and the Iranians have been funneling around the Middle East, arming potential allies, damn the consequences, as they get closer to nuclear viability.

‘As the article makes clear, the Iranians, via the Revolutionary Guard Corps, are accelerating the volume and sophistication of weapons supplies transferred to extent and potential proxies in the region. In the case of Yemen, that’s the Houthi rebellion. In all cases, Iran’s support is to Shi’a or Shi’a offshoot groups fighting Sunni government or groups.’

Should we just let them go at each other?

Meanwhile, the remarkably cautious, White House-centralized, internationalist-tempered-by-realpolitik foreign policy platform has taken a stand on Iran, saying a nuclear Iran is a red-line.

That new liberal internationalist world order vision is fading fast.  Events are catching up.

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