From Michael Totten: ‘The North Is Ready To Blow’

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That’s Northern Lebanon, along the Syrian border.  Iran is still backing Assad, funneling arms and money to its proxy Hizbollah in Lebanon, and to Assad’s troops.  America is now training some Syrian Free Army troops (the opposition) in Jordan, and has committed $60 million in aid to that Army (and has, no doubt, been involved in other ways).  Saudi Arabia, and and other Sunnis across the region are backing their side, while the Turkish Army is keeping a tight lid on the Syrian border and the Kurds.  The Israelis are keeping a close eye on developments, too:

‘The two sides are composed of Sunni and Shia Muslims. “Both communities,”Nicholas Blanford wrote in Beirut’s Daily Star, “are rooted in strong tribal traditions, have a general disdain for the authority of the state, are fiercely independent, have a history of militancy, are well armed and, most pertinently, have chosen to actively back opposing sides in Syria’s civil war raging just across the border.”

This doesn’t bode well.

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Totten’s written a new novel: “Taken,” available for pre-order.

For those interested:  Mohammed Atta, one of the primary 9/11 bombers went to Aleppo and found what he was looking for:  the ideal Islamic city on the hill.  See Lawrence Wright’s piece at Slate. Wright wrote an excellent book on Al-Qaeda and the road to 9/11.

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