On Mario Vargas Llosa-Adam Kirsch At The City Journal: ‘The Dream Of The Peruvian’

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“A disciple of Isaiah Berlin, whom he called in a moving essay “a hero of our time,” Vargas Llosa is a strong defender of “negative liberty,” the individual’s freedom from all forms of coercion, to the point of libertarianism.”

It’s a long way out of socialist and revolutionary solidarity, which continually occupies the South American mind.  One more revolution:

“Literature, Vargas Llosa often suggests, is a way to live out harmlessly the fantasies of power, purity, and transgression that reason prevents us from enacting in real life.”

Here’s a quote from John Locke:

“7. What is meant by enthusiasm. This I take to be properly enthusiasm, which, though founded neither on reason nor divine revelation, but rising from the conceits of a warmed or overweening brain, works yet, where it once gets footing, more powerfully on the persuasions and actions of men than either of those two, or both together: men being most forwardly obedient to the impulses they receive from themselves; and the whole man is sure to act more vigorously where the whole man is carried by a natural motion. For strong conceit, like a new principle, carries all easily with it, when got above common sense, and freed from all restraint of reason and check of reflection, it is heightened into a divine authority, in concurrence with our own temper and inclination.”

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  1. Chris, you’ve done it again. That’s a great article by Adam Kirsh. I first learnt something substantial about Roger Casement when I read Adam Hochchild’s masterful work ‘King Leopold’s Ghost’ which is a real eye-opener about what really happened in the Belgium Congo and the complicity of the European elites.

  2. Malcolm, thanks for stopping by. One real eye-opener for me was learning a bit about Spanish history, and the incestuous and calculating nature of royal marriage, and the constant land-brokering and horse-trading done by a small group of interested players from the top-down in European history.

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