Peter Suderman At Reason: ‘ObamaCare Was Designed, Passed, and Implemented by Democrats. Obviously Republicans Must Be Responsible for Its Failures’

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Cobble a huge bill together that’s been on the wish list for years.  Get it passed any way you can, going forward without the opposition party’s support and the skepticism if not suspicion of a large plurality of Americans.  Make the typical political promises, and maybe keep a few of them.  Once passed, after it squeaks by the Supreme Court and still seems to remain unpopular, bringing challenges and raising many doubts, rally around it and blame the opposition party.  If it doesn’t work out, it’s their fault, if it somehow does, it’s their fault, too.

‘And sure enough, three years after passage, ObamaCare shows signs that it might not be quite as wonderful as promised. But ObamaCare’s supporters are so determined to avoid admitting that it might be a failure—or even just less functional than they insisted it would be—that they are refusing to take responsibility for the politically troubled bureaucratic mess they created.’

Obama will ‘activate’ and get them in the door, nationalizing health care and providing a ‘roof’.  It’s for his bureaucrats and other Democrats to worry about the details.  He’s out campaigning again.

Even Joe Klein is having doubts as he reads the tea leaves and prepares his party for trouble down the road, at least about the implementation of Obamacare (it couldn’t be the ideas behind the implementation, of course).

‘The problem is not, as the Republicans claim, big government. It’s bad government. If the President doesn’t government reform and efficiency a major, high profile part of his second term—nothing less than a public crusade will do—he is in danger of tossing away his proudest achievements.’

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