The Barnes Museum-Lance Esplund At The Weekly Standard: ‘No Museum Left Behind’

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Lance Esplund, our author, was none too happy about the relocation of the Barnes Foundation from the outskirts of Philadelphia, in Merion, to downtown:

“An art historian who has not been to the Barnes told me that she had heard the installation was “a distraction from the art.” These are the types of arts professionals—the philistines and academics—whom Barnes wanted to keep out of his museum.”

Esplund thinks much has been lost, and too little gained in the move:

“Barnes gave life to a unique institution, and its present-day stewards should be obligated to follow the ethical oath of others (medical doctors and art conservators among them) entrusted with the care of the living: First, do no harm. The relocation of the Barnes is disguised as altruism, but it is fueled solely by ignorance and avarice”

From, more on the new museum.  Roberta Smith at The NY Times says the new museum doesn’t do a bad job.  I’m inclined to think it’s a way for Philadelphia to bring in revenue, and try and ‘revitalize’ downtown.

Jed Perl at the New Republic agrees with Esplund, too much lost and very little gained.

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