Virginia Postrel At Bloomberg: ‘Detroit’s Van Gogh Would Be Better Off in L.A.’

Full piece here.

With Detroit in terrible financial straits, and its museum potentially looking at selling some of its works to meet financial obligations, Postrel suggests:  Why not?

Other cities are growing, and it’s better for the art and the people to see great works.

Man, Detroit can’t catch a break:

‘Parochial interests aside, however, great artworks shouldn’t be held hostage by a relatively unpopular museum in a declining region. The cause of art would be better served if they were sold to institutions in growing cities where museum attendance is more substantial and the visual arts are more appreciated than they’ve ever been in Detroit. Art lovers should stop equating the public good with the status quo.’

Addition:  Postrel tweets out two links for accessing art works to bolster her piece.  A lot of the work sits in storage anyways, so why not serve the public?  Here and here.

Take him to Detroit!


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