Henry Miller And Jeff Stier At Hoover: ‘Activism Vs. The Rule Of Law’

Full piece here.

Gotta keep the base happy, and GMO’s are the new cause celebre amongst activists.  Click through for more:

The government’s failure to enforce the law undermines the provisions of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act; allows activists’ illegal activities to misinform consumers; makes safe and wholesome foods unsellable; and sends the message that if you cannot persuade policymakers through the democratic process, the government will look the other way as you commit crimes to achieve your political agenda.

What ever happened to the rule of law?’

I keep hearing about moderation and non-partisanship, but I keep seeing the mainstreaming of ideologues and activists pursuing their narrow aims.

It’s not really about science, or truth, much of the time, as it is about politics and activism.

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2 thoughts on “Henry Miller And Jeff Stier At Hoover: ‘Activism Vs. The Rule Of Law’

  1. We live in a world of fear. People are running scared from carbon dioxide, like it was poison gas, GMO’s like they were poison food, and nuclear power, like it was certain doom. There are a few others.

  2. Ron,

    No kidding. I’ve seen this topic bubbling up lately, as it’s bubbling up in our society. Absent religion, some people are turning these ideas into modes of belief.

    It’s getting nutty, and under a progressive administration, such folks get closer to power. Lawmaking is a natural place for all those activists and true-believers to go and keep spreading the fun.

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