Jay Z And Marina Abramovic Via Twitter: A Pop-Rap Art Marketing Performaganza

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Performance artist Marina Ambramovic and Jay-Z are together at last during a 6-hour lip sync performance-art piece to promote Mr Z’s new album.  Feel the love.

Still, it’s probably more engaging than Tilda Swinton in a box.

Maybe Jeff Koons got there first, where marketing, money, and branding met pop art:  A Reaction To Jeff Koons-For Commerce Or Contemplation?

‘I think that Warhol, as radical as he seems, still very much prized the idea of originality at the core of his working process, and it’s hard not to see him as being a very original artist in that sense.  The idea of Koons rejecting all originality, I think, is central to understanding what his work was about.’


‘The way Andy predicted celebrity, Jeff predicted branding.’

Here’s Robert Hughes tearing into a modern art collector, as we need the voice of some art traditionalists around here to make sense of this madness:


***The day that Damien Hirst put up his works, selling them for $111 million dollars, the market crashed.

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  1. This year, he’s also one of the world’s most exhibited artists. In May, the prestigious Beyeler museum in Basel opened the first Swiss survey of his art , on Wednesday another survey launched across two venues in Frankfurt , and a huge retrospective has been announced for 2014 at the Whitney Museum in New York—a first for Koons in his own city, and the last Whitney show before the museum moves to its new downtown space.

  2. Based largely in New York City, Rauschenberg – regarded, along with his some time lover Jasper Johns, as one of the leaders of Neo-Dada art – an early strain of Pop-art – studied at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, in 1948, under the ex-Bauhaus artist Josef Albers (famous for his “Homage to the Square” series). In 1951 he had his first one-man show at the Betty Parsons Gallery, and in 1954 had a second one-man show at the Charles Egan Gallery. Often described as a member of Neo-Dada for his affiliation with Marcel Duchamps “readymades”, he is best known for his “Painting Combines” of the 1950s, consisting of non-traditional materials and objects presented in innovative combinations. At this time Rauschenberg specialized in using “found” materials like trash and other detritus which he collected off the streets of New York. However, from 1961 to 1962, he began to include images as well as found objects in his works, usually photographs transferred to the canvas via the silkscreen process. In this way, his work may be considered contemporaneous with that of Andy Warhol. Rauschenberg also worked in fine art photography, printmaking, papermaking, and performance.

  3. While we are looking forward to whatever Lady Gaga has in store individually or collectively with these artists, we are also welcoming a moment where musicians are placing their work in the realm of performance art. For both Jay-Z and Gaga, much remains to be seen, but what we do know is that the next few months will be full of art, pop, performance, and big collaborations between the art and music worlds.

  4. Allen, I won’t comment one way or the other about pop-performance art, but you’re right about the upcoming worlds collaborating

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