More On The Golden State-The City Journal Via Youtube: ‘The Beholden State’


California has high taxes, lots of regulation and red-tape, environmentalists and unions deeply entrenched in politics and lawmaking, along with a more liberal politics of patronage generally controlled by the coast.  All of these forces conspire to create a stifling environment for free enterprise and wealth creation.  This is not exactly how you build a strong ‘middle-class,’ even in a land of dreamers.  Add to this multiculturalism and diversity as often the highest goods around, deeply rooted in the educational system and deeply rooted within the the public mind, and even slow, incremental changes in California will be difficult.

Eventually you run out of other people’s money, and many Californians have voted with their feet, often taking the same worldview to Arizona, Colorado and north along the coast.

Science and technology (the UC system does this very well) can only go so far, as it’s the belief of this blog that a more liberal/Leftist worldview has its own incentives and its own ideology, and these are not necessarily those of an open society that renews itself.

You can’t say that Victor Davis Hanson doesn’t care about California, and he gives it a lot of credit despite the following:

‘California’s multidimensional decline-fiscal, commercial, social, and political-sometimes seems endless.’

I imagine it must be tough for a well-educated, reasonably conservative Democrat from a farming family in the Central Valley looking out upon the coast.  He finishes with:

‘Soon, even the Stanford professor and the La Jolla administrator may learn that illegal immigration, cumbersome regulations, and the terrible elementary schools affect them as well.

The four-part solution for California is clear:  don’t raise the state’s crushing taxes any higher; reform public-employee compensation:  make use of ample natural resources: and stop the flow of illegal aliens. Just focus on those four areas-as California did so well in the past-and in time, the state will return to its bounty of a few decades ago.  Many of us intend to stay and see that it does.’

So goes California, so goes the nation?

-A link for Michael Lewis’ article about California politics, public pensions and Schwarzenegger’s time in office.

-A map from Immodest Proposals on how to divide California.  Just some suggestions.

-California’s anti-immigration, anti-union Democrat: Full video and background on Mickey Kaus here.

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  1. In the long-ago time of the mid-1990s, an earnest pair of radical British intellectuals named Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron surveyed the emerging, and deeply reactionary, dogmas of the Internet age. Barbrook and Cameron explained that this worldview, which they dubbed the “Californian ideology,” hinged on a curious blend of New Left and New Right orthodoxies: culturally tolerant, anti-hierarchical and experimental, it was also punitively neoliberal and profoundly antigovernment in expounding a rigidly libertarian vision of the global economy. “The Californian ideologues preach an anti-statist gospel of hi-tech libertarianism: a bizarre mish-mash of hippie anarchism and economic liberalism beefed up with lots of technological determinism,” the authors observed.

  2. Interesting, but I tend to think that California could do with a little more grounding in anti-Statism, or even more in traditions that promote public trust. They seem to have created a rather unfavorable economic climate for those who aren’t connected to lawmakers, wealthy developers, unions and wealthy tech entrepreneurs. Crony capitalism reigns with a rather dysfunctional legislature that can’t reform its abuses nor its unfunded liabilities

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