From Via Media: ‘Wonkblog: Obamacare Will Raise Premiums…a Lot’

Full post here (links to GAO report, Wonkblog and WSJ included)

‘As it has become clearer to the public that (at least according to the best data available) Obamacare will raise, not lower, health care prices, ACA supporters have made two arguments. First, they note that existing plans may be cheaper, but they’re also “skimpy” and often come with high deductibles. So Obamacare is worth the higher costs it will impose. Second, they argue that even if premiums skyrocket, the subsidies will help make insurance affordable for most people.’

Ugh.  Still up in the air, and if this thing gets in there, it will likely stay in there.

One of the key ideas, though, is that the sick and uninsured will be subisidized by the young and healthy, by first trying to entice, then levying fines, then forcing by law the young and healthy to keep paying into the system.  The nationalization and socialization of health-care is truly a goal for many who pushed this bill. 

AdditionAndrew Malcolm has audio about the data collection and storage required to implement Obamacare.

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