Repost-Frank Furedi At Spiked Via The A & L Daily: ‘The Truth About Tolerance’

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Although Ramadan’s book is presented as a spiritual meditation on the problems of existence, it is actually an eclectic mixture of current intellectual prejudices and old-fashioned appeals to revelation and dogma’


“It is precisely because Ramadan is unsympathetic to the idea of individual autonomy and moral independence that he can casually dismiss tolerance as the intellectual charity of the powerful. Tolerance is anything but charity.”

Because, Furedi argues, there is no acceptance of the idea of critical judgement in Ramadan’s embrace of Western multiculturalism.

Obviously, I can see danger in many Muslims’ claims to faith (at times an unyielding moral absolutism) mixed with only an acceptance of the West’s moral relativism.  I would also point out that to an American, smaller European economies, more stratified societies, and greater cultural homogeneity can lead to less space in Europe than America for immigrants (and we are facing a current round of homegrown terrorists, however low the percentage, the consequences are very high).

One step beyond Ramadan, on this view, might be a Muslim thinker accepting a definition of tolerance that includes critical judgment and more classical liberalism.  I would also point out such a definition would likely require greater inclusion of Muslims into European societies as well, if integration is in fact the goal.

Ayan Hirsi Ali’s rejection of the European Left and flirtation with the right (where a narrow nationalism combined with racial identity lurks in darker corners) could be instructive as a possible, but perhaps not necessary, path.  She has also been very vocally anti-Islam as a faith entirely.

Perhaps there a few ways around the current stalemate in the Middle-East with our military involved in protracted nation-building in order to achieve security aims.  Perhaps I haven’t come up with any.

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  1. The topic he returns to repeatedly is the long-term threat posed by moral relativism to the West. It is fostering moral paralysis, hedonism and cultural decline. Ethical standards have been smashed. The doctrine of personal liberation is rampant. In America, the results have been disastrous: the breakdown of the family, skyrocketing divorce rates, a huge rise in illegitimate births, drugs, pornography, the mass murder of nearly 50 million unborn children and an AIDS epidemic that has led to millions of deaths. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report stating there are 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections each year. The most common diseases are gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis B and HIV. The CDC says the United States faces an “epidemic” of sexually transmitted diseases. We have become Sodom and Gomorrah.

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