From The Nieman Journalism Lab: ‘An Oral History Of The Epic Collision Between Journalism And Digital Technology, From 1980 To The Present’

Full piece here.

Via Anthony De Rosa’s excellent tumblr site.

Check out Circa.

New technology comes raining down into your life all the time, so how are you managing it in order to get news and information?   Which other people are you looking to manage it for you?

How does this change with whom you might associate, which job you take, what’s true and important, and finally, how define your life in a Constitutional Republic with a representative democracy? (Ok, had to get that last part in there)

Great read.

Interesting times.

Jerry Pournelle saw some of this coming back in 1979!  Here he is predicting with surprising accuracy how the WWW and computing technology might revolutionize publishing.

Butterfly collars.  Cigarettes on air.  Those were the days:


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