Megan McArdle At Bloomberg: ‘We Are Googling The New York Times To Death’

Full piece here.

Can anyone hear the NY Times’ cries?

Fewer and fewer are looking at tiny classified ads in newspapers anymore.  Don Lapre’s niche market is pretty much obsolete (though I’m sure some of his ideas are transferable):


People and their eyeballs are increasingly going either online or going mobile and tailoring their consumption of news and information as they see fit.

As for buying and selling stuff, looking for dates and looking for jobs, most people are doing that elsewhere.  The designers of apps and software have known this for over 10-20 years now.

You’ve come unbundled, NY Times, even though you still influence a lot of the news industry:

‘The competition does not come from other news producers; it comes from other people selling ads. And most of those companies are not in the business of producing news.’

It’s not clear they’ve really addressed this problem yet.

Check out an oral history of the epic collision between journalism and digital technology, from 1980 to the present, from the Nieman Journalism Lab.

In addition to the technology, people also curate culture, and ideas.  David Remnick at the New Yorker just had a piece entitled “A Joyful Folk Summit At Town Hall‘ which through jaundiced eye I see partly as a way to stay relevant and curate a certain worldview along with up and coming music where it’s forming.

NPR does this particularly well, often weaving a deep appreciation for the arts and humanities along with music criticism of folk, jazz, rock, funk and new hipsterism into a cultural cloth which belongs to ‘the People.’  A little too collectivist for my taste, but hey.

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