From The American Interest: ‘Ending Al-Qaeda’

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Is it really possible?:

‘If the U.S. government can organize itself to devise and propagate the right message, from the right voices, to the Islamic and Arab worlds, while at the same time diminishing al-Qaeda’s voice in cyberspace, then there is a good chance we can end al-Qaeda’s recruiting success. As things stand today, voices for moderation and non-violence are still being drowned out by the overwhelmingly larger number of militant voices in cyberspace and elsewhere’

Our authors claim that public support in the Muslim world is low at the moment, as Al-Qaeda tended to kill a lot of Muslims in Iraq.  Sure, there’s sentiment for Al-Qaeda’s cause in the Muslim world, but it’s a fanatical fighting force that can turn on anyone.

Our authors argue we should use this bad PR against them in a change of strategy, especially in the hothouse chat rooms of Islamist solidarity and righteous vengeance.

I wonder if this Isn’t a re-hash of the ‘moderate’ Muslim argument?

Even if so, does it line up with what’s going on on the ground and can it work?

How do we best meet our objective of preventing attacks on our soil, and further, on our interests and allies?

Addition:  A friend says we’re writing checks we can’t cash in the Middle-East.  Islamism thrives when there’s so much discord in the region.

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