Youtube Via David Thompson: Penn & Teller On Speech Codes On Campus


Penn & Teller have fun with the ‘diversity’ industry on campuses.

Here’s Dave Barry on the same subject:


More On The FIRE here. (Foundation For Individual Rights In Education).

Barry, from the video:

‘I just don’t know what has happened to the universities, I mean it’s certainly not an original observation on my part.  The least free area of thought left in the United States seems to be the universities.  The one place where you’d think free thought and free speech and conflict of ideas would be most encouraged has somehow become the most restricted, and constricted and intellectually constipated area of American life.’

From’Federal Government Mandates Unconstitutional Speech Codes At Colleges And Universities Nationwide’

Greg Lukianoff At FIRE.Org: ‘Emily Bazelon And The Danger Of Bringing “Anti-Bullying” Laws To Campus’

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