From Claudia Rosett: ‘Who Should Replace The Saudis At The U.N. Security Council’

Full piece here.

‘As UN moments go, this is a classic — if only for its sheer absurdity. It is precisely because of the UN’s double standards that a country such as Saudi Arabia can win a seat on the Security Council in the first place — with 176 of the 193 members of the UN General Assembly voting yes. As as friend of mine puts it, the Saudi move smacks of Groucho Marx’s joke that he would never join any club that would accept him as a member.’

I’m guessing changing oil circumstances, but also our current experiment in creating a power vacuum in the region may be motivating Saudi actions.  Our policy is confused at best and maybe it’s time to think about alliances with better friends.

Rosett makes a modest proposal:

‘Any prospect of Israel replacing Saudi Arabia in a Security Council seat these next two years would probably send the UN into terminal shock (which, in itself, might do wonders for world peace). But if anyone really cares about ending those double standards, reforming the UN and giving peace and security a chance, this is the obvious move.’

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