Repost-From Via A & L Daily: Bjorn Lomberg @ COP15

Full video here .

Don’t argue the science, Lomberg has been saying for a while now, but try and allign the problems more with the science, because much of it suggests that CO2 warming will likely present problems.

We’re cramming way too much into a tiny idea (capping carbon emissions), and the media coverage absurdly demonstrates this.  We don’t want to end-up with European-style policies restricting our economy.

I still reserve the right to be entirely skeptical (what if it isn’t happening at all?), but the more time I’ve spent with data, the more I think.

How to separate reasonable environmentalism from the authoritarian impulses, the Malthusians and various other people who “know” how many people is enough?  Now that environmentalism is a primary focus in our schools, it’s probably worth thinking about.

Here’s Bob Zubrin on the rather pseudo-religious and dangerous roots of much environmentalism:


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2 thoughts on “Repost-From Via A & L Daily: Bjorn Lomberg @ COP15

  1. I know how many people is enough. There is one too many in the White House, and dozens in the Senate, about 200 in the house and four on the Supreme Court. When the rest of us have to take the bus to work, the climate groupies will be flying on jets to conferences to discuss global warming.

  2. Ron,

    I hear you, much of it is a racket. When you get some of the ideas wrong, you get the incentives wrong. Politics, money, grifters, bad laws etc. There are a lot of true-believers in the green movement, and it’s clearly fulfilling social and religious roles in people’s lives. Much more than the sciences can fulfill.

    But it’s deeper. I’m still interested in the truth, wherever it may be found, and helping many scientists realize the risks of ‘going public.’

    As to what’s going on in D.C., despite the clusterf**k that it is at the moment, with real consequences for all of us, the contrarian part of me wants to defend the system as it is, because we always need to stay ahead of corruption, politics as a patronage system and the worse men getting to power.

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