Richard Epstein At The Hoover Institution: ‘Obamacare’s Death Spiral’

Full piece here.

Libertarian law/economics thinker Richard Epstein has been prescient on the law’s challenges and likely outcomes.

He finishes with:

‘Politically, it seems clear that the American public will not tolerate yet another round of healthcare reforms that cannot shoot straight. The real question is whether the Democrats in Congress will come to their senses and realize that Obamacare is DOA. It is possible to think of all sorts of mid-level fixes that might moderate the damages, but none has a prayer of success so long as this president remains in office. Deregulation and tax cuts are dirty words to Obama, but they are the only source of relief to a nation. The ACA has already done enough harm. The time to start over is now.’

Hopefully some changes can be made before the employer mandate, already delayed, kicks in.

How our politics looks usually depends on where you stand, but it’s been clear the moral arguments for collective action, health-care-as-a-right, and redistribution of wealth have driving this legislation from the get-go.  Some folks are as close as they ever have been towards realizing some sort of workable nationalized and/or socialized medicine.

The fact that they’ve designed and/or supported such an impossible, disruptive, and ambitious pieces of legislation won’t ever awaken some true-believers.

The rest of us have to figure out what to do, and fast.

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