From Arnold Kling: ‘Notes From A Health Care Implementation Discussion’

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Read the whole list.  Here’s the final note:

‘The scenario for Obamacare’s death is that the insurance companies “defect” by leaving the exchanges or raising rates to unacceptable levels. As Obama’s personal political strength weakens, the “defect” scenario becomes more plausible’

Out on the political streets, we’ll see what happens.

Fom a previous post of Kling’s:

Down the road, someone is going to get the shaft. It could be my neighbor, it could be me, or it could be both of us. That is, people who are relying on the unfunded systems–public sector pensions, Social Security, and Medicare–might find their benefits cut. Or people who are relying on personal savings could wind up having those savings taxed away in order to address the shortfalls in the public systems. Or all of us could have our savings eroded by inflation, from which we may not be able to protect ourselves.’

There will need to be a reckoning of some sort, and our politics can rarely make such changes efficiently and effectively (for many good, and some not so good reasons).  Perhaps with the obvious public failure of Obamacare, more of the American public will become aware of these challenges we face as a nation.  We’ve been getting diminishing returns for a while, now.


Kling’s axes which he’s proposed to better understand political philosophies and/or ideologies, which I’ve copied/pasted from elsewhere:

‘Conservatives use a civilization vs barbarism axis.

Libertarians use a coercion vs freedom axis.

Liberals use an oppression axis to view the world – oppressed vs oppressor.’

Food for thought.

Kevin Williamson, at the National Review, and his new book:  ’The End Is Near, And It’s Going to Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave American Richer, Happier, and More Secure.’

Walter Russell Mead’s theory, in part, posits that liberalism 4.0 needs to become 5.0 and start to creatively solve the problems we’re faced with, including globalization, the decline of manufacturing and industry, and the rise of technology.  The ‘blue’ model is behind the times:

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