The De Blasio Files-Michael Totten At World Affairs: ‘Paul Berman On Nicaragua’

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Paul Berman’s original piece here.

Totten’s response after reading Berman:

‘So the well-meaning American anti-imperialists in Nicaragua were perceived by Nicaraguans as Soviet-style imperialists. And one of them, apparently oblivious to all this even today, is the new mayor of New York City.

I don’t know what to make of it. I really don’t. I have been running into people like this for years in countries wracked by terrorism and war and lorded over by tyrants. They simply fail to understand what is right in front of them even when it’s explained to them in plain English. I can only assume at this point that they’re unteachable. They are educated, yes, but their brains are full. No room remains for more information, or understanding.’

Health-care and education are necessary to secure the People’s Future, you know, and Dear Mayor will no doubt show solidarity with the workers and their unions.

Do you reckon he’s matured since then?  How much pushback will he get from upstate?

NY times piece here on the Sandinista connection.  De Blasio’s inner circle.

Some light humor:

Michael Moynihan reviewed Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’ which praised the Cuban Health Care System.

Christopher Hitchens took a helicopter ride with Sean Penn, and that tracksuit-wearing strongman of the people, Hugo Chavez-Hugo Boss:

It’s a long way out of socialist and revolutionary solidarity, which continually occupies the South American mind. One more revolution: Adam Kirsch takes a look at Mario Vargas Llosa. The Dream Of The Peruvian.

How’s that Russian reset going?:


What about value pluralism…positive and negative liberty?: The classical liberal tradition…looking for classical liberals in the postmodern wilderness: Isaiah Berlin’s negative liberty: A Few Thoughts On Isaiah Berlin’s “Two Concepts Of Liberty”

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Michael Totten At World Affairs: ‘The Once Great Havana’

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Two Thursday Links

Mark Steyn takes a look at the kind of society he thinks progressive Left-liberalism creates (perhaps more like California with a lot of green laws, high taxes and untenable public pensions if it has more cash, trade, tech and human capital, or perhaps more like Detroit if there’s no industry left and terrible management):

‘In reality, it would be neo-feudal, but with fatter, sicker peasants. It wouldn’t just be “economic inequality,” but a far more profound kind, and seething with resentments.’

Do you have confidence in either political party to address the jobs issue?  Are you addressing the issue on your own?

Walter Russell Mead takes a look at Maryland’s new green policies:

‘Maryland is funding green boondoggles on the backs of the poor. At NRO, Jillian Kay Melchior details how Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has put in place green policies that have drastically raised energy prices across the state—especially for low-income residents’