Heather MacDonald At The City Journal: ‘Re-Breaking The Windows’

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On the matter of keeping New Yorkers free from violence, I’m guessing the de Blasio gang’s ideological commitments will lots involve lots of diversity rules and regs, community policing and incentives, and perhaps many meetings of the People’s autonomous collectives to discuss matters in a purely democratic manner.

I suppose we’ll see how the politics plays out. I’m at least hoping for good sense and functional policy.

Is that too much?:

‘The least of the opinion’s problems is the unnecessary bureaucracy it inflicts on the NYPD, including a federal monitor, burdensome reporting requirements, and left-wing advisory panels, all overseen by the plaintiffs’ attorneys. The most serious problem is Scheindlin’s statistical test of racial profiling, which compares police stops to population data, rather than crime data. Scheindlin found the NYPD guilty of biased policing because blacks make up a little over half the subjects of the department’s pedestrian stops, though they are just under a quarter of the city’s population. She ignored the fact that blacks commit nearly 80 percent of all shootings in New York and two-thirds of all violent crime.’

How do you best serve the people in dangerous neighborhoods with limited resources, and also serve the broader public and not meet the fear-threshold?

Some are speculating that the Big Apple is headed back to 70′s-style crime rates, fear and seediness (amusing but highly speculative rant at Sultan Knish: It’s De Blasio Time).  Myron Magnet, at the City Journal, recalls what it was like for him during those days, and hopes De Blasio stays strong on crime so that NYC won’t need broken windows-style policing.

Addition: As a reader points out, who needs data and empirical evidence when you’ve got righteous sentiment on your side?  This is precisely what is meant by an ideologically-driven approach.

Do you want poorer ideas to guide the use of technology, thus likely leading to more reliance on technology like cameras and drones to make up for bad policy?

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