From The Top-Down-Two Saturday Obamacare Links

Walter Russell Mead points to some concierge innovation going on in Texas (doctors forgoing insurance for fee-based service) that Obamacare proponents will not like:

‘This bias against innovators is what happens when federal legislation cements a dysfunctional system in place. Doctors who want to experiment with new models of payment face social pressure to abandon these experiments because of policy choices made in Washington.’

It remains unclear how freezing an inefficient health-care delivery system by adding a complex bureaucracy atop filled with many new ideological and monied interests all overseen from one place is going to….

Megan McArdle notes that in Vermont:

‘…Act 48 required Vermont to create a single-payer system by 2017, the state hasn’t drafted a bill spelling out how to raise the additional $1.6 billion a year (based on the state’s estimate) the system needs. The state collected only $2.7 billion in tax revenue in fiscal year 2012, so that’s a vexingly large sum to scrape together.’

I recommend “Collectivist’s Deficit Crunch” and/or “Hippity-Dippity Top-Down Technocratic Caramel Groove” for new Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream flavors.

You don’t have to be libertarian to find some of Richard Epstein’s suggestions…reasonable:

As I have noted before, there is only one type of reform that can make progress in meeting the three goals of a sensible health care system: cost reduction, quality improvements, and public access. That reform requires massive deregulation of the many market impediments that are already in place. Lower the costs, drop the excessive mandates, and thin out administrative costs, and people will flock back to the system voluntarily.’

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