Megan McArdle At Bloomberg: ‘The Truth About Truthiness’

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‘Longtime readers know that I tend to get my back up when I see journalists and academics opining that our national political divide exists because liberalism is smart and conservatism is dumb.’

Well-written and considered. There’s plenty of confirmation bias in political matters, and you could’ve easily envisioned how this research, whatever its merits, would end-up as clickbait for fellow-travelers and group-think for political/tribal/ideological advantage.

From Boston.Com Via The A & L Daily: ‘The Surprising Moral Force Of Disgust’..Roger Scruton At The New Atlantis: ‘Scientism In The Arts & Humanities’John Gray Reviews Jonathan Haidt’s New Book At The New Republic: ‘The Knowns And The Unknowns’

2 thoughts on “Megan McArdle At Bloomberg: ‘The Truth About Truthiness’

  1. If that were true the IQ levels would be different for those goups. This type of fallacy is common.
    Policemen are more law abiding.
    Lawyers are more honest.
    Women more caring.
    There is always danger in labelling a group.

    • Good point…it’s just poor reasoning to appeal to existing bias, not even valid social science really, which ideology often finds appealing to justify its reasoning and for most, their biases, political, and emotional commitments.

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