Adam Garfinkle At The American Interest: ‘More Good News From The Middle East’

Full piece here.

What good news?:

‘What if the deal goes down in flames despite all we do? What if the Iranian regime is incapable of saying “yes” even to a fawning U.S. proposal—what if it, too, is under-institutionalized, vulnerable to the mystical whim of one sick old man? What if Obama smokes out the mullahs and forces them to admit that, yes, they seek nuclear weapons? What then?

How could this be good news? It will be good news because it will finally clarify what the real choices have always been. It will shut up all the half-brained pundits who have been telling us for years that an Iranian nuclear arsenal is deterrable, so why all the fuss? (To his credit, President Obama has been wise enough to reject this notion.)

With so much good news out there from the Middle East, I can barely wait for tomorrow’s headlines. But patience, patience.’

What about an unadventurous foreign policy, but still very risky nonetheless?

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