Cathy Young At The Daily Beast-‘Columbia Student: I Didn’t Rape Her’

Full piece here.

You may remember the girl with the mattress.

The girl with the mattress is actually a ‘mattress artist.’ She appeared at the State Of The Union, at the invitation of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, from NY, dragging the mattress along (with her, on campus, as a symbol of her alleged rape).

Precisely because rape is such a horrible crime, next to murder, really, is the main reason not to leave it in the hands of activists alone. Activism, with its roots in ideology, often relies on emotion and outrage to advance its aims, and tends toward questionable use of statistics, and well, can lead to outcomes which violate people.

I can’t speak to the facts, nor what happened, but let’s say it was the secular witching hour, and many media outlets up to the President have reasons to incentivize this kind of behavior.


‘Yet this case is far from as clear-cut as much of the media coverage has made it out to be. And if Nungesser is not a sexual predator, he could be seen as a true victim: a man who has been treated as guilty even after he has proved his innocence.’

***We’ll probably never know what happened.

Cathy Young At Minding The Campus: ‘The Brown Case: Does It Still Look Like Rape?

Gender equity feminists are what I take Thomas Sowell to mean by ‘intellectuals’ and include many ‘intellectuals’ who use statistics to often justify preconceived ideas….which is…often misusing statistics:


These are pretty much the kinds of policymakers finding a listening ear and ideological ally in the White House right now:


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