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A little more from Cathy Young on the ‘mattress artist:’

‘Rape is a vile crime; to support the victim and condemn the perpetrator are natural and noble instincts. But the presumption of innocence is a key principle of justice and a fundamental societal value. This story should be a reminder of its importance to both journalists and politicians.’

Who needs facts, evidence, and reason, when you’ve got a cause, a victim, and outrage?

Withholding judgment is often the point of many of these legal pathways and processes.  To whom does it do good to see political incentives channeled away from the presumption of innocence, and the gathering of facts and evidence?

Not people who want to live in a civilized society, generally speaking.

Cathy Young At The Daily Beast-‘Columbia Student: I Didn’t Rape Her’Cathy Young At Minding The Campus: ‘The Brown Case: Does It Still Look Like Rape?


Anthony Daniels (Theodore Dalrymple, I believe) reads and reviewsSoumission,’  that new novel which imagines a future French Caliphate out of the despair and nihilistic gloom of the author:

‘The plot of Soumission is simple, but clever and plausible (which does not, of course, mean that, being set in the future, it is a prediction). Having won another mandate of five years in 2017, François Hollande presides over further catastrophic economic and social decline.’

Medieval Times-Roaming The Gloom With Theory: Interview With Michel Hollebecq..Theodore Dalrymple At The City Journal: ‘Look Away From Europe’s Muslim Problem’


And, because that particularly ideological set of interests receiving European immigrants values all faiths, ethnic groups, and ‘ways of life’ equally well, why not try it out here?  You know the kind:  Victim/oppressor, universal ‘rights’ based activism and identity politics etc.:

Interesting link.

The first thing to go is often decorum, respect and civility, because if you’re being oppressed, and you’re righteous in your cause, and virtuous in your activism, you never really respected ‘the man,’ ‘the system,’ nor his/its rules, anyways.

The attack on others’ right to speak is a potentially acceptable casualty, and the more broad equivocating on free speech limitations usually comes later, by those who suddenly find the erosion of decorum, respect and civility all around them.


Repost: Kenan Malik In The Spiked Review Of Books: ‘Twenty Years On: Internalizing The Fatwa’-Salman Rushdie’