Some Links-On Iran, Darwin, Strauss And 2001: A Space Odyssey

Walter Russell Mead at The American Interest: ‘The Way Forward On Iran

‘What’s needed here is not confrontation between the executive and the legislature, but an internal American negotiation to get an overall approach to the Middle East that commands enough support to be sustainable from one administration to the next. In the same way, our Iran policy shouldn’t be dividing us from our closest Middle East allies but forging a common approach to a common problem. If the senatorial letter, whatever its flaws, can get President Obama to the bargaining table with the Group of Three, it will have done good work.’


Larry Arnhart At Darwinian Conservatism: Nietzschean Nihilism, Natural Right, and Liberal Education

‘This Straussian turn to Nietzschean nihilism was clearly intimated, although never openly affirmed, in Strauss’s writings published near the end of his life and after his death.  This was also seen in Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind.  And although William Deresiewicz does not fully understand what he is doing, he expresses this Nietzschean view of liberal education in his book Excellent Sheep.’


Via a reader:  An interesting discussion of 2001: A Space Odyssey

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