Via Standpoint: ‘Political Correctness Is Devouring Itself’

Full piece here (sent to me by a reader).

Nice line:

‘Few contemporary theorists grasp that people oppose censorship not because they respect the words of the speaker but because they fear the power of the censor.’

Key quote from a different post:

“More recently Richard Rorty made an attractive attempt to reconcile the most avant-garde postmodern theory with a defence of the institutions of the Western liberal democracies, but the Mill of On Liberty still reigns supreme.”

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4 thoughts on “Via Standpoint: ‘Political Correctness Is Devouring Itself’

    • Ron,


      I saw that, and saw that it’s a group of ‘super-volunteers,’ for Hillary Clinton, and goes a long way to explain Clinton’s continuing appeal. The grievance and unfairness many women feel is a driving force in our Republic.

      1. Hillary Clinton subordinated many women along the way to further her and her husband’s political interests. At the very least, these folks are very confused in choosing Clinton as the face of their campaign, for lots of reasons.

      2. People who want to control language, typically want to control many other things. What principles of their own keep them from extending this desire around which they’ve gathered from becoming a steamroller?

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