Rape, Progress, Narrative And All That-A Few Links

Megan McArdle At Bloomberg: ‘Rolling Stone Can’t Even Apologize Right:

‘Both the magazine and the reporter further blurred the reporting gaps by writing the story in a way that suggested Erdely had tried to contact friends when she hadn’t, and apparently didn’t even know their full names; Erdely did note that she didn’t know who Drew was in one draft, but her editor removed the caveat.’

John McWhorter At The Daily Beast: ‘The Truth About The UVA And Ferguson Isn’t Good Enough For The P.C. Crowd

‘Elevating narrative over fact is hardly limited to people tripping over their mental shoelaces in the heat of the moment. Among a school of legal scholars, critical race theory advises that we treat the long view as more useful than the close-up in our sense of the difference between right and wrong.’

The post-Marxist Left and its theoretical discontents traffic in ideology, passion, outrage and political power if they can get it.   The high ideals of the 60’s and Civil Rights movements don’t come without the radicals, cut-rate activists and rabble-rousers, nor Left parts of ‘Left-liberal.’

Observing how many in this crowd have handled truth, facts, evidence political power and the laws in these cases and it ain’t pretty.  Imagine yourself hunted-down by such a mob;  your physical safety threatened, your job prospects ruined, your name dragged through the mud…a series of kangaroo-court trials suddenly deciding your fate and none of the accusations true!

Observing how our universities, media, and politics are natural attractions such people who don’t often have anything but ideology, its easy to conclude that this is rent-seeking at its finest.

As previously posted: After six years of an administration which also benefits from bringing further Left activists into the public square (gun-rights, Keystone pipeline, Organizing For Action), and will likely do little to turn those ideologues away, some media outlets which have drifted in the same direction lately will find it hard indeed to even criticize the ideologues among them.

This ain’t liberal, nor open, nor civil.

Here’s George Will reasonably explaining his position, and the reasons for it:


This blog continues to support civil libertarian feminists, often ex-feminists, or even continuing feminists who criticize feminist ideology in good or bad faith because they are free to do so. They are free to bring-up the often shoddy use of statistics by many feminists, the cultural Marxism and troubling tendencies of victimhood/oppressor theories, the controlling impulses on display in the video below.

Via David Thompson, from Canada via the Agenda with Steve Paikin, notice how two panelists just can’t bring themselves around to the idea of other people speaking their minds, thinking differently and critically, and pursuing ideas freely in an open debate.

They really don’t seem to see a problem with where the logic of their own ideology leads:  To silence and shout-down opposing points of view, to constantly try and control the speech and thoughts of others.


Related On This Site: Cathy Young At Minding The Campus: ‘The Brown Case: Does It Still Look Like Rape?

Christina Hoff Sommers (wikipedia) is trying to replacing gender feminism with equity feminism. She also wrote The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men.

Are You Man Enough? Nussbaum v. MansfieldFrom The Harvard Educational Review-A Review Of Martha Nussbaum’s ‘Cultivating Humanity: A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education.’

Defending Eliot Spitzer…as a man who ought to be free of prostitution laws…but didn’t he prosecute others with those same laws?: Repost: Martha Nussbaum On Eliot Spitzer At The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A very Harvard affair: The Spelke/Pinker debate-The Science Of Gender And Science

Repost-Revisting Larry Summers: What Did He Say Again?

From The NY Times: ‘Harvard Business School Case Study: Gender Equity’

2 thoughts on “Rape, Progress, Narrative And All That-A Few Links

    • Malcolm,

      I think so too. I’ve watched this issue unfold with some attention in the last few years and…bad data in, bad data out.

      Many people’s liberty and good faith abridged under a wave moral panic and bad statistics.

      A trivializing of a serious crime…

      Working towards a potential rule-People who seem sure of many things which are questionably true and often unquestionably false, but are full of passionate intensity nonetheless, aren’t the ones you want making the rules.

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