Anglo-Relations, ISIS And ‘Mattress Artists’

John Bew At The American Interest: ‘Pax Anglo-Saxonica

‘The failure of Wilsonianism, the collapse of the peace movement, and the weakness of the League of Nations in the interwar years are usually presented as evidence of the utter impracticability of a liberal world order. For Tooze, this misses the point. Such efforts were indeed deeply flawed, not least because of Wilson’s own uncertainty about America’s superpower status. But the outbreak of World War II proved not that liberal international order was impractical but that it was absolutely necessary, albeit in a more realistic form. As Tooze puts it, “The restless search for a new way of securing order and peace was the expression not of deluded idealism, but of a higher form of realism.”


Michael Totten at World affairs: ‘Under The Black Flag:’

Totten reviews ‘ISIS: Inside The Army Of Terror

‘Like all good historians, they start at the beginning. ISIS began its life as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) after the United States demolished Saddam Hussein’s government in 2003. The Bush administration saw Arab democracy as the solution to the Middle East’s woes, and Syria’s tyrant Bashar al-Assad didn’t want to be the next Saddam. Assad waged a proxy war to convince Washington that participatory politics in the region would be perilous. Weiss and Hassan quote former Syrian diplomat Bassam Barabandi, who says candidly that “[Assad] started to work with the mujahideen.” He dispatched Syria’s homegrown jihadists to fight American occupation forces, and most of those jihadists would sign up with AQI. Assad pulled off a win-win scheme, purging Syria of potential enemies while teaching both the American government and citizenry a lesson they still haven’t forgotten: Occupying and democratizing an Arab land is a far messier and bloodier business than most in the West are willing to stomach.’


Unfortunately, a girl with problems amplified those problems into becoming a ‘mattress artist’ (not a real artist), an arch victim (the ideology rewards it), a cause celebre, and a prime example of why ideologues and activists really shouldn’t be running their own kangaroo campus courts.  Rape, of course, still remains a serious crime and moral horror despite the efforts of such activists and confused people to make it less so.

These are not people who act as though they want to live in a civilized society.

Such bad logic and bad incentives go not only to the top of Columbia, but much higher at the moment…

Some details here (pretty graphic and pretty sad).

Cathy Young At The Daily Beast-‘Columbia Student: I Didn’t Rape Her’Cathy Young At Minding The Campus: ‘The Brown Case: Does It Still Look Like Rape?

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