From Prospect: Eric Kaufmann On ‘The Meaning Of Huntington’

Full piece here.

A few central quotes:

Huntington was instinctively a conservative because he valued an ordered society, but he also championed conservatism as a necessary instrument to defend liberal institutions against communism. In many of his books he attacked idealistic liberals for holding such institutions to impossible, utopian standards that undermined their effectiveness in the world.”


“An iconoclast to the core, Huntington never threw his lot in with left or right. He was too statist to be a libertarian, too realist to embrace neoconservatism, and too sympathetic to nationalism, religion and the military to identify with liberal Democrats. As a conservative Democrat, then, he is an intellectual rarity.”

An interesting thinker (wikipedia page here).  His Political Order In Changing Societies challenged modernization theory.

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Samuel P. Huntington - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2004 by World Economic Forum

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