Via The Federalist: Ilya Shapiro Echoes Reasonable Thoughts

What will be the next cause that drives major change in American life, allowing many to join in solidarity with some truth about freedom they find larger than themselves, yearning to enshrine it in law?

What kind of consequences will it have, and what kind of laws will it make?

Ilya Shapiro at the Federalist:

‘But where do we go from here? What about people who disagree, in good faith, with no ill intent towards gay people? Will ministers, to the extent they play a dual role in ratifying marriage licenses, have to officiate big gay weddings? Will bakers and photographers have to work them? What about employment-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation—most states lack them, but are they now required? And what about tax-exempt status for religious schools, the issue that came up during oral argument?’

That’s about as involved as I’m willing to get.

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