Two Middle-East Links-Why, It’s Like A Mirage Sometimes

Via The American Interest ‘As Iran Deadline Slips, Keep An Eye On The Holidays:’

‘The slippage of the June 30 deadline is not entirely unexpected, nor really all that consequential. But coming up shortly is a deadline of real consequence: July 9. If the Administration does not submit an agreement to Congress by then, the review period under Corker-Menendez extends from 30 to 60 days. During that time, the Administration cannot by law lift sanctions, while Congress reviews and possibly votes on the deal.’


Via The Hoover Institution: ‘Islam Through The Looking Glass

‘This foreign policy mistake of assuming other peoples think and believe as we do has been continually made by the West for decades.’

And it continually will! The ideas, however, which many people think and believe at a given point are always in flux. You can’t step in the same river twice.

Just watch how politicians pander to voters and some reasonably smart twenty year-old is leaning back in a chair right now, thinking he/she knows it all.

And many in the Muslim world have no idea how many of us think and believe.  Most of us have never met and never will. It’s like a Hall of Mirrors!

‘Most important is the restatement of the radical difference between Islamic states and Western ones, “the awesome gulf that lies between the Muslim order, where the law is the grim law of punishment and vengeance, and the rational and liberal traditions of the West.” The failed attempts to bridge this gulf by simply importing Western notions of human rights and political freedom confirm this point. Such projects also reflect an ignorance of the incompatibility of the tribal mentality with the canons of liberal democracy. Despite the support of the Europeans after World War I in creating nations with constitutional governments, the Arabs “have resorted more and more to their basic social and religious institutions, the tribe and Islam, to provide the structure of government. Any progress towards political maturity has been stultified by their inability to comprehend any loyalty other than that to family, tribe or religious sect’

A good amount of this strikes me as true, and it hasn’t stopped the last two Presidents from assuming that inside every Iraqi was a yearning for democratic institutional/constitutional representation, and/or that every Egyptian was bending on the arc of history towards liberation theology/activist justice.

We still have security, business, diplomatic, colonial, financial, educational and various other interests through the Muslim world.  The radical Islamists still want the infidel out of the Arabian peninsula.

Here we are!

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