Pink, Green, Red And Genuine Courage-Some Sunday Links

From 60 Minutes:  Hundreds of billions in American taxpayer money has pretty much been poured into an advantage for some political actors, a few green startups, and some Chinese investors.


From The Atlantic Photo:  The Daguerreotype and some of the first American uses of the new technology, including San Francisco harbor in 1851.


From Robert Conquest’s ‘Day Of Dupes,‘ back during the Bay Of Pigs invasion:

‘The Communists arc concerned primarily with power. They were not involved in the original Cuban revolution; on the contrary, they long collaborated with Batista. Their decision to ride Fidelismo was a simple power calculation. The gradual establishment on the back of a genuine revolution of a parasitical terrorist bureaucracy is no new thing. To allay hostile feeling and get support, they may temporarily put through such things as land reform. As soon as their power is consolidated, this turns to forced collectivization. It should not be beyond the powers of those well able to recall US misbehavior in the 1900s to have retained some recollection of more recent events in the Baltic, the Balkans and Tibet.’


Enrichment will still be going on, and many of the hard choices facing all interested parties and a recalcitrant, revoutionary, Islamist regime in Iran may have simply been kicked down the road.

Check out the AI podcast.


If you were on the train, you may well owe your life to Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, and everyone else who realized it was probably do and/or die.

Thank you, gentleman.

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