A Terrible Bullshit Is Born-Two Links

John O’ Sullivan at The New Criterion remembers Robert Conquest:

‘A strong dislike of pretension, accompanied by a happy delight in puncturing it through satire and parody, is also a major element in his literary criticism. His demolition of Ezra Pound is especially effective because, as a classical scholar and linguist, he is able to establish that many of Pound’s most admired technical effects are in reality simple errors of grammar or translation.’


“Those teach who can’t do” runs the dictum,

But for some even that’s out of reach:

They can’t even teach—so they’ve picked ’em

To teach other people to teach.

Then alas for the next generation,

For the pots fairly crackle with thorn.

Where psychology meets education

A terrible bullshit is born.’


Many people still can’t handle how bad Communism was on the ground, and fewer these days are looking to keep the ideology up in the air, partly thanks to Conquest and his labors:


Meanwhile, in France, old bullshit made new?:  Rather short-sighted labor and immigration policy; general Muslim anti-Semitic sentiment, poverty and discontent; a more radical and rationalist intellectual tradition pushing radical Gaza chic, plus a never-too-far-off-the-radar insularity, nativism, and nationalism could well mean continued unpleasant news for many French Jews:

‘The data is too incomplete to give us a totally accurate picture, but there is evidence of a dramatic spike in French Jews leaving France for Israel.

It’s striking that France was number one for Aliyah in 2014 for the first time. We don’t know how many more Jews are leaving France for other countries too.

People’s motivation for leaving is also hard to know, although a poll of French Jews who participated in a survey last year found that 75 per cent were considering leaving the country, 30 per cent citing antisemitism as the reason.’

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