Two Reader Links-On Relativism & Anarchy

Edward Feser: ‘The Absolute Truth About Relativism

‘Again, common sense and traditional philosophy alike say that there is or can be a conformity or correspondence between thought and reality — between our beliefs, opinions, statements, etc. on the one hand, and the way things really are on the other.’


When you have a state with deeply divided, competing ethnic and religious groups, simmering violence and tensions, and the constant play of outside actors upon internal politics, then perhaps Lebanon’s semi-anarchy makes some sense.

Michael Totten on the trash piling-up in Beirut

‘How much government is just the right amount? We all have opinions, but nobody really knows. It goes without saying that Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union had far too much government while Somalia, with its bloody anarchy, has the opposite problem.

What about countries closer to the center? The United States or Canada? The United Kingdom or The Netherlands?

The Middle East’s options are more extreme. Would you rather live amidst Lebanon’s mild anarchy or Jordan’s moderate authoritarianism? Jordan isn’t experiencing much trouble with garbage collection these days, but the Jordanians can’t vote for or against the king, and there isn’t much in the way of freedom of speech.’

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