Via A Reader-Ron Bailey At The Federalist Discusses Failed And Exaggerated Climate Predictions

Podcast here.

‘Ronald Bailey isn’t surprised by those who regularly renew warnings of environmental Armageddon. The award winning author and Reason journalist says there’s a simple reason for so much gloom: “doom sells.”

From Peak Oil to the Population Bomb, Bailey goes through a veritable anthology of debunked environmental doomsday prophecies on today’s episode of Federalist Radio.’

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You don’t get the products of the Enlightenment without the same old human nature at heart.  I fully expect every drop of rain, forest fire and cloud (parts of a dynamic, incredibly complicated system) traced back to the cause of ‘climate change’ on local radio.

It’s almost like a daily affirmation, followed by a reminder of impending, but avoidable doom, tithing, and the good works needed to prevent it [add: catastophe].

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