With Less Liberty And More Injustice For All-A Sad Spectacle At Yale

Erika Christakis, whose husband can be seen below, in the middle of a shame-circle..:


is now leaving Yale of her own accord, because she had the temerity to write the following, which is the offense that purportedly incited the shame-circling, to students who had accused her of racial insensitivity:

‘Nicholas says, if you don’t like a costume someone is wearing, look away, or tell them you are offended. Talk to each other. Free speech and the ability to tolerate offence are the hallmarks of a free and open society.

But — again, speaking as a child development specialist — I think there might be something missing in our discourse about the exercise of free speech (including how we dress ourselves) on campus, and it is this: What does this debate about Halloween costumes say about our view of young adults, of their strength and judgment?

In other words: Whose business is it to control the forms of costumes of young people? It’s not mine, I know that.’

Greg Lukianoff at F.I.R.E had this pegged from the get-go, because it’s what he does for a living.

When a mob comes calling, administrations usually don’t have your back:

‘However, there is something conspicuously missing from their otherwise strong statement: an explicit promise that neither Erika nor Nicholas Christakis will be forced or pressured to resign or otherwise punished in any way. Throughout my career, I have seen countless instances where university administrators pressured faculty to resign for controversial expression.’

I humbly submit that many truth and knowledge claims behind the total-equality seekers, the activists and planned-society-seekers, the safe-spacers and injustice warriors ends up…right here.

Perpetual grievance and victimhood theater, with new victims.


As for Yale…

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Christopher Hitchens on re-printing the cartoons that incited Islamic violence:

‘According to Yale logic, violence could result from the showing of the images—and not only that, but it would be those who displayed the images who were directly responsible for that violence.’

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