Wendy Kaminer At Spiked: ‘Fear, Loathing & Victimhood’

Full piece here.

‘Only a paternalistic, authoritarian state will seek to avenge the wounded dignity and emotional distress of private actors in private disputes, like parents punishing their children for schoolyard bullying. Victimism is infantilising. A democracy rich in rights and liberty is the business of adults.’

See:  Martha Nussbaum On Judith Butler

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Conservative Briton Roger Scruton suggests keeping political and aesthetic judgments apart in the humanities: Roger Scruton In The American Spectator Via A & L Daily: Farewell To JudgmentRepost-From Scientific Blogging: The Humanities Are In Crisis-Science Is Not

Martha Nussbaum saw this coming a while ago, but is her platform broad enough to define liberal education?: From The Harvard Educational Review-A Review Of Martha Nussbaum’s ‘Cultivating Humanity: A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education.’.

From The Chronicle Of Higher Ed Via A & L Daily: Christina Hoff Sommers “Persistent Myths In Feminist Scholarship”

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