A Few Serious, Assorted Links

All via David Thompson:  The Most Exclusive Website In The World

Tests for your musical ability at Tonometric, and your color vision here.

As previously posted-This blog stays on the cutting edge, the cusp of the culture, the hot molten core and the birth of the new.


Anything is possible.

Distance to Mars.  It’s pretty far.

The Afterlife keeps coming up as one of the worst interwebs designs ever.  A MIDI version of Bryan Adams “Heaven” will guide you towards salvation.

This is starting to remind me of Jeff Koons’ kitsch and marketing, high and low, fleshed out in pieces like Michael Jackson And BubblesWinter Bears and ‘St John The Baptist’.

Modern Art by gps1941.

Photo found here…gps1941 photostream here. More on the original St. John The Baptist here.

A Reaction To Jeff Koons-For Commerce Or Contemplation?

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