What Is This Blog Like? A Rummage Sale In An Alley, Not So Far Off Internet Boulevard, Actually

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The black cat analogy










-The Greene Street Project: A Long History of a Short Block-An interactive site that follows, longitudinally, one small section of New York City.

As previously posted, The Critic Laughs, by Hamilton:

Do you long for the days of unabashed American consumerism?  Are you nostalgic for nights lit only by a soft, neon glow on the underbellies of clouds? Return to a time when America broadcast its brash, unironic call to the heavens.

–From friesian.com: Who reads the newspapers?

—-Chinese characters are beautiful.  Full post here.

–There are also some interesting logical fallacies on the site.   Here is link to the Nikzor Project, with a very comprehensive list of logical errors.

You’re a smart and discerning reader, which is why I’d like you to check them out.

–Jay Z And Marina Abramovic Via Twitter: A Pop-Rap Art Marketing Performaganza

F-30 Moving Carousel -1

Beauty is no quality in things themselves, it exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.

David Hume

Photo here.

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