‘Peace’ At High Cost: Alberto Nisman And Robert Conquest-Two Links

About that Alberto Nisman murder, the Argentinian prosecutor who uncovered likely Iranian-backed terror in Argentina, and throughout South America:

‘Testimony from journalists and government officials suggest that in addition to describing Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s hand in protecting the perpetrators of a 1994 Buenos Aires terrorist attack, Nisman was also working to blow the lid off the workings of Iran’s terrorist organization in Latin America.

Nisman’s decade of work on the subject pointed to Iran.’

Don’t worry, though, those hundreds of millions in sanctions relief certainly won’t end-up in the hands of the Quds force, backing Hezbollah and other proxies around the globe to do much of the same.

Certainly, certainly, giving all that money and time to the same 1979 forces who held Americans hostage, who currently control much of the deep state in Iran, who still repress many of the people involved in the Green Revolution, and who back Assad, mostly aligning with Putin, certainly this is all part of the master-plan for world peace.

Dexter Filkins took a look at the death of Nisman:

‘By the time Kirchner announced the agreement about the AMIA case, Nisman’s obsession with Iran had expanded beyond Argentina. That year, he and his staff produced a five-hundred-page report outlining what it said was Hezbollah’s and Iran’s terrorist “infiltration” in Latin America. (A U.S. official called the report “spot on.”) A month before Nisman died, he told the writer Gustavo Perednik that he believed Argentina and Iran could be secretly discussing renewing the nuclear agreement of the nineteen-eighties and nineties. “Nisman said this was part of the big deal,” Perednik told me.’

The level of intellectual vanity, pride and willful self-deception of many intellectuals when it came to Stalin’s deeds are worth revisiting.  C-SPAN had Robert Conquest and Ken Jowitt in discussion of Conquest’s ‘The Dragons Of Expectation: Reality And Delusion In The Course Of History

A man who habitually cut through a lot of bullshit.