A Pretty Important Decision-Some Brexit Links

It seems Great Britain has decided to leave the EU.

I tend not to stick my nose into the business of others when they’re making these kinds of decisions.  Predictions are hard, especially about the future.

**Please see this appropriate response to the Guardian (G2) after they sponsored the ‘Clark County Project’ to stick British noses sniffing out the World Human Will into American politics.

I can’t help but think that the poorly-designed institutions arising out of a Western idealism I often criticize, are much to blame, and that a strengthened Anglo economic/trade org wouldn’t hurt, but can’t say I have anything better to offer.

-Walter Russell Mead at The American Interest: ‘Brexit And The Weakness Of The West

-Niall Ferguson was not so impressed back in April by Daniel Hannan’s arguments (Ferguson saw likely currency devaluation, and the downside of being subject to regulations of a big player next door with no say in the regulations)

-Tyler Cowen’s not so enthusiastic….

-Ian Bremmer says it’s a Throw The Bums Out mentality

I can’t help but think the tone and tenor of the arguments on both sides highlight many of the deeper splits:  Money, jobs, opportunity…but also, who are ‘we’ exactly ?-Nationalism vs. anti-nationalism, more open vs. more closed borders, local legal and political accountability vs international institutions and global markets.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome.