Come What Will-Two Links On Brexit And One On Iran

Theodore Dalrymple on Brexit:

‘For a long time, Britons who wanted their country to leave the European Union were regarded almost as mentally ill by those who wanted it to stay. The leavers didn’t have an opinion; they had a pathology. Since one doesn’t argue with pathology, it wasn’t necessary for the remainers to answer the leavers with more than sneers and derision.’

All the howling, wounded idealism and doomsaying makes you wonder…

Brendan O’Neill at Reason takes a more populist right perspective, with which I find great sympathy: ‘Elitist Rage With the Pro-Brexit Masses Echoes Longstanding British Suspicion of Democracy:’

‘Hell hath no fury like an establishment spurned. If you didn’t know this already, you certainly know it now, following the British people’s vote for a “Brexit.”

That’s the NY Times for you…:

‘The disclosure that Thomas Pickering, a former State Department official who advocated the Iran nuclear deal, was also a paid consultant to Boeing creates a scandal for the New York Times.’

Some wide-eyed idealists don’t mind setting very bad odds for themselves. This blog remains deeply skeptical and highly concerned with the Iran deal.

The same people are in charge, and the possibility of deliverable nukes is still very, very real; an outcome with nearly no upside for American interests, and great danger for the world.

Iran, So Far Away?-Adam Garfinkle At The American Interest: ‘Rhodes To Ruin’…

Henry Kissinger & George Schulz Via The WSJ: ‘The Iran Deal And Its Consequences’

5 thoughts on “Come What Will-Two Links On Brexit And One On Iran

  1. As a Brit (a wounded one) caught up in this seismic shift I’m not sure I have full sympathy with either summation. One thing’s for sure: things have changed.

    • Simon, thanks for stopping by sir!

      You have my sympathies. It’s clearly a big decision, and I hope it works out in favor for you and your own, however you should define you and your own.

      Clearly, some trade, currency and market access issues are at stake up-front, including some political careers, that’s for sure.

      All the best going forward!

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